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UPDATED NEWS! HERBS ARE SELLING OUT FAST!! Only available until end of March!

In the spring of 2018, I will be closing Mother Earth Oils and Herbs. It's been a long run, but I want to focus on my Essential Oils and Blends that I have been making for several years. That being said, I will be opening a new Etsy shop, Mother Earth Oils, where I will continue to sell my oils and blends, along with my gemstone elixers.
There will be no herbs, candles, incense, etc. on that Etsy site.
My handmade jewelry will be available on NaNitas Originals Etsy, as I am now moving those items.
Thank you to all my loyal customers over the years. You will have an opportunity to purchase items directly from me after I close this website, or before I close. I will not advertise this sale, all you need to do to purchase all closing items is email me, first come, first served, at

Welcome to Mother Earth Oils and Herbs; Aromatherapy, Oils, & Herbal Products! In addition to the Natural products on this site, you will find Candles, Incense, Perfumery, Handcrafted Jewelry, using Gemstones, Polymer Clay and Resins. Also, Crocheted items as well.

Aromatherapy-Synergy Blends

Bath & Body

Candles & Supples

Divination Tools

Essential Oils



Dolls & Crafts

Ready To Wear

Crystal Healing

6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Jenrs037 says:

    Your kidney stone elixers have did wonders. I know your exlixers work I’m on to order more stuff from you the allergy elixer and 2 more lip balms looking around to see if there is anything else i want. I love your shop.

    1. Jenrs037 says:

      Ok well not the allergy elixer right now i decided on the pain elixer and a few more things. Anita’s Lip balms are the Bomb! They smell and taste great!!!! I love her products.

    2. anita says:

      Thanks Jen! I am pleased the elixers worked so well for your family! Love our gemstones!!!

  2. says:

    The Lip Balms here are a must for people who have problems with Cold Sores or Dry Chapped lips. I usually get cold sores in the Summer when I’ve been out in the sun. This Year I’ve used the French vanilla and Chocolate mint Lip Balms and I’ve not had a cold sore yet. I put it on at night before bed also and when I wake up my lips are still moist not all dry 🙂 I have been using the Allergy Elixers for about a week now and it has broke up stuff in my lungs i didn’t even know existed .I can tell the difference in my breathing. Love them.

  3. Yankee68 says:

    Miss Anita thank you so much for my spot on essential oils and treasure! I’m sending some as gifts and I know she will be as happy as I.

    I will be seeing you this month for the Gold Angelic Faces, for my sister’s birthday! It’s like having both of us together all the time!
    Great idea and lovely creations!
    Most sincerely,

    1. anita says:

      AWWWW…how sweet! I will have more made this week.

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