Natural Healing Links

This page was created specifically for our customers who are interested in helping themselves in a more natural way.  It contains links that I have recommended to many friends and customers, and I hope you take advantage of it.

Holistic Wellness Alignment.  David Arms holds private healing sessions and hosts group classes for those interested in learning how to heal themselves. 

Earth Clinic is currently ranked among the Top 3 Alternative Health Sites on the Internet!

Susun offers weekly podcast and newsletter, plus VOLUMES of natural healing information!

“Medicinal Plants And Herb Uses

Out of the thousands of medicinal herbs, these are the herbs that people search for information on most frequently. Much of the time popularity translates into usefulness, but not always. There are some real herbal gems that don’t generate so much “buzz”, and wildly popluar herbs that are not always the most beneficial in their class. Use the alphabetic listing above to find a particular herb.”


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