Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing has many facets. Mother Earth Oils and Herbs uses gemstones to create Elixirs for a daily regime of healing. Elixers are created using specific gemstones placed in water during a moon/sun cycle to enhance the vibrational connections of energy. At the time of bottling, brandy is added as a preservative for long shelf life. The ratio is ¼ brandy and ¾ gem water. For children, we recommend a non-alcoholic type which must be kept refrigerated. Mother Earth Oils and Herbs also uses Gemstones in Healing Pouches, and we can recommend stones for your personal needs. At this time, we have created several blends, and if you have a special need, just contact us and we will be happy to help you. We do recommend a healing pouch to accompany your Elixir and to get to know your gemstones through meditation with each one. A one oz bottle will last 30-45 days. Some may find immediate relief, other may take a few days to notice improvement, and with any conventional medicines. Gemstone Healing is NOT a replacement for your regular Physician, but is certainly an enhancement for your health!

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