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All our herbals, spices and roots come in packages of 1/2 -2 oz for our customers convenience. Who wants to spend money on 1/2 lb. bags when you won’t use it all in a 3-6 month period? We cater to the occasional user who needs only small portions, and we carry a very wide variety of dried herbs. Peppermint is good to assist in raising internal heat and inducing perspiration, although its strength is soon exhausted. In slight colds or early indications of disease, a free use of Peppermint tea will, in most cases, effect a cure. Peppermint is a powerful diffusive stimulant, antispasmodic, carminative, stomachic, and weak anodyne. It undoubtedly possesses marked antiseptic properties. Used in the treatment of gastrodynia, flatulent colic, hysteria, spasms or cramps of the stomach, to allay the griping of cathartics, to check nausea and vomiting, and to disguise the unpleasant taste of other medicines.’ In burns and scalds peppermint is both soothing and curative, the parts being kept wet with it.

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