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All our herbals, spices and roots come in packages of 1/2 -2 oz for our customers convenience. Who wants to spend money on 1/2 lb. bags when you won’t use it all in a 3-6 month period? We cater to the occasional user who needs only small portions, and we carry a very wide variety of dried herbs. In the days when ”natural” childbirth and midwives were the only way to have a baby, Red Raspberry was the herb of choice. Red Raspberry has been included for hundreds of years in folk medicine as an astringent and women’s aid. Red Raspberry is considered an excellent astringent, which makes it an effective treatment for a number of complaints. The high tannin content is said to help to control diarrhea by preventing the flow of fluids into the intestines, thereby helping to solidify the stool. The tannins are also thought to be most likely responsible for controlling nausea and vomiting as well. Red Raspberry has been used for centuries to strengthen the reproductive system in women, particularly during pregnancy. The herb is thought to tone and regulate the uterine muscles. If the smooth muscle is tight, the herb is said to relax it; likewise, if the muscle is relaxed Red Raspberry causes contractions, and when taken during the last two months of pregnancy, it is believed to strengthen and tone the uterine muscles and stimulate labor and delivery and possibly even help to shorten delivery and ease pain. After birth, Red Raspberry is taken for several weeks to help reduce swelling and bleeding and return the uterus to its normal tone. By toning the pelvic muscles, Red Raspberry has been used as a traditional remedy for bed-wetting. To further support women’s health, Red Raspberry is said to relieve heavy cramping during menstruation. The ferulic acid content in the herb is said to be a uterine relaxant, stimulating the muscles that support the uterus and allowing for easier menstrual flow. It is thought to help relieve premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and also reduce excessive menstrual bleeding. There are reports that Red Raspberry may also help to alleviate hot flashes during menopause and that it is a natural estrogen promoter. Red Raspberry is said to possess antiviral properties, and some studies have shown that it kills virus (including herpes) and fungi in cell cultures. It was said to be effective against herpes virus II, influenza virus, and polio virus I, among others.

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