ADHD Blend .33 oz

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Best used on soles of feet and base of scull.  At least twice a day, for most.  The convenient roll on is perfect to keep in a pocket or purse and can be used discreetly. When ordering, please add to comments if a child under 6, or from 6-10, or 10 to adult, so the dosage of the bottle will be correct for the user.

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ADHDThis essential oil blend is a wonderful alternative to modern medicine for those suffering from ADHD, Anxiety, PTSD and some who suffer from Autism.  The oils combined in this blend help in focus, calming, and more, and is helpful from 2 years to adult. Results can sometimes be noticed with the first use I have heard great reviews from customers who were looking for something more natural. Please discuss with your Dr. about the use of essential oils in addition to the medication already in use.

Contains the following oils.  If there are known allergies, please do not use!

Atlas cedarwood







Sweet marjoram

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