Jasmine 1/32 oz 100% Pure

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**As our customer, should you purchase these types of oils we urge you to be knowlegable in the use of the oil, by purchasing an information booklet, visiting your library, the internet, etc. Some oils can cause allergic reactions, others should not be used by pregnant women, or people with certain medical conditions. (note, 10% means essential oil is reduced by cutting with a carrier, for volume. Does not diminish the fragrance of the E/O, but it gives our customers a chance to purchase very expensive oils in a smaller volume) Jasmine: Traditionally Jasmine oil has been used for uplifting the spirit, antidepressant, stimulating, beneficial for skin. Jasmine can be supportive in cases of anxiety, stress; skin conditions. It is most highly valued in aromatherapy for its euphoric, sensual qualities. Long considered an aphrodesiac oil, Jasmine is indicated fear, vulnerability, or anxiety that could be preventing an open heart and mind. Jasmine oil is uplifting and stimulating for times of hopelessness and nervous exhaustion. It helps reduce anxiety and apathy, and can increase excitability when worn as a perfume.

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