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**As our customer, should you purchase these types of oils we urge you to be knowlegable in the use of the oil, by purchasing an information booklet, visiting your library, the internet, etc. Some oils can cause allergic reactions, others should not be used by pregnant women, or people with certain medical conditions. (note, 10% means essential oil is reduced by cutting with a carrier, for volume. Does not diminish the fragrance of the E/O, but it gives our customers a chance to purchase very expensive oils in a smaller volume) Lemon: Lemon oil’s aroma is warming, enhancing and invigorating, and studies have shown it to have antidepressant effects. Lemon apparently has a significant effect on one’s ability to concentrate. Diffusion of essential oils was found to increase test scores by up to 50% when diffused into study and test-taking areas. In addition to its uplifting and clarifying nature, emotionally, lemon is considered an opener of the heart. It is said to alleviate fears of losing oneself, bringing trust and security. Lemon essential oil has been shown to eliminate many types of bacteria, and may be the most effective oil for disinfecting a room using a diffuser. In many European countries, the oil is considered somewhat of a ‘cure all’, particularly with infectious illness. Lemon also serves well as an insect repellent, alone or in blends. Like Bergamot and grapefruit oils, the only caution noted is possible phototoxicity – it may make skin to which it is applied more sensitive to sunlight. Has traditionally been used for uplifting the spirit, antidepressant, stimulating, antibacterial, disinfectant. Lemon essential oil can be supportive in cases of anxiety, stress; some infections. It has been studied to sharpen the awareness and improve test scores when diffuser during study and test-taking.

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