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Moldavite Pendant is wire wrapped in German Silver which is resistant to tarnish. The pendant measures 1 inch long and 3/4 inch at the widest part. When placed on the third eye, moldavite helps us to establish the cosmic connection. When placed on the heart it teaches us to appreciate the gift of being here on Earth. Many people have reported that moldavite helps to release all that is no longer needed for personal growth: old ideas: leftover emotional/mental habits, whatever you know on a deep level needs to go. Because its energies are so powerful it’s a good idea to keep it near you a lot when you first get one and to meditate with it regularly. Whenever moldavite is used in meditation it is recommended that a grounding stone: black tourmaline, hematite, tiger’s eye, smoky quartz, red jasper, or obsidian, be placed by the feet for grounding purposes. I first used Moldavite two years ago…personal experiences and spiritual growth is what was most noticable to me. Moldavite is becoming harder to find in an affordable manner, many raw pieces being scavaged and held onto by collectors, but I feel Moldavite must be shared to be experienced!

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