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**As our customer, should you purchase these types of oils we urge you to be knowlegable in the use of the oil, by purchasing an information booklet, visiting your library, the internet, etc. Some oils can cause allergic reactions, others should not be used by pregnant women, or people with certain medical conditions. (note, 10% means essential oil is reduced by cutting with a carrier, for volume. Does not diminish the fragrance of the E/O, but it gives our customers a chance to purchase very expensive oils in a smaller volume) Myrtle: The essential oil of Myrtle is a natural astringent with balancing and harmonizing actions to the skin making it useful in cases of acne and oily skin in particular. Myrtle essential oil has been researched for normalizing hormonal imbalances of the thyroid and ovaries, as well as balancing in cases of hypothyroidism. Myrtle has also been researched for its soothing effects on the respiratory system and in instances of asthma. Mildly sedative oil, Myrtle can be helpful for those with difficulty sleeping especially those with insomnia. Myrtle is thought to have a cleansing effect on the emotional body and may be helpful to those with addictive patterns that they are working to transform. Myrtle may be helpful in the cessation of smoking as the green color is associated with the heart charka and helps to release blocks associated with the emotions. Myrtle has traditionally been used for its elevating and euphoric aromatic properties; expectorant, anti-infectious, hormone like for the thyroid and ovaries (normalizes the thyroid and hypothyroid). Excellent for skin care, particularly acne prone skin, and used for headaches (a drop on each temple). Can be supportive in cases of bronchitis, coughs, hypothyroidism, thyroid hormone like effects.

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